Collecting and Investing in Double Eagle Coins in Today’s Economy

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double eagle coinsIn today’s turbulent and volatile economy, you may be apprehensive when someone tells you that it is a good idea to collect or invest in double eagle coins. I mean, money is so hard right now that you barely have any time to do some investing, let alone invest in something for the purpose of collecting instead of making money. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that collecting and investing in double eagle coins is a smart move. Why? Well primarily because it is gold. Gold has a lot of uses which include some forms of commodities. Gold is also a liquid investment, which means that it is like cash except in a different form.

Additionally, double eagle coins are rare collectibles that have a long history. Because of the long history behind the coin, its value has risen exponentially. Moreover, the coin itself played an important role in past presidential eras, like Franklin D. Roosevelt’s term. Also, the coin is highly regarded in other cultures. The double eagle coin has a lot of different variations mainly because other countries have put high importance in its craftsmanship and coinage. In fact, due to the rarity and quality of the coin, a lot of manipulative individuals have replicated it in order to take advantage of naïve buyers. So always be careful.

One more reason on why you should invest in double eagle coins is because you get to buy gold in cheap batches. If you were to buy gold in a conventional market, you would have to buy it by the ounce. Sometimes, double eagle coins come in less than an ounce making it easier for you to make a purchase. Every investor knows that buying slowly and steadily is the sure fire way of having a good return for your money.

Collecting double eagle coins is also very advisable. The art of collecting is very profound and scholarly. Not only do you get to understand the background of your collections, but you also develop some kind of passion for your collections. It is not only an admirable task, it is also a sound and intelligent way to spend money. You get to enjoy a hobby while increasing your net worth at the same time. Some people may actually say that this is the best type of investing. Come to think about it, you’re not really buying the coins for investment purposes; you’re buying them because you have a sense of enthusiasm for the history and artistry of the coin. And as a by-product, you are able to invest.

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Gold Double Eagle Coin and the Soaring Gold Prices

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In today’s investment market, people are seeking stable investments. With soaring gold prices, the gold double eagle coin is a wise investment. Many people have discovered gold coins to bring an element of stability to their fluctuating investment portfolios. Gold continues to be a savvy investment and well worth the purchase of coins.

The gold double eagle coins are an excellent investment. These pieces generate a constant permanent demand for them and combined with a limited supply of currency no longer minted, the prices will continue to spiral upward in the years to come. Whether seeking rare collector pieces or a gold bulk purchase, the gold acquired will be a wise investment.

gold double eagle
In 1933, gold coins were declared to no longer be legal tender in the United States. People were required to surrender their gold coins for other forms of currency. A majority of the gold coins were melted making their availably restricted to coin collectors. Gold coins became scare and today’s values reflect this scarcity factor.

Gold double eagle coins were minted by the US government from 1792 and 1933 (exception 1917-1919 none issued) hold the highest gold values. The US government released a 2009 version of the gold double eagle providing additional proof of the coin popularity by the wide interest and brisk sales. Characteristics important to coin selection which impact price are rarity, quality, and condition of the coin, popularity, and price. All of these characteristics will impact the value of each coin purchased.

The most popular of these coins is the Saint Gaudens golden eagle. This coin was designed by a sculpture Agustus Saint Gaudens to improve on the beauty of this coin. These coins are highly sought and include coins without the motto “In God We Trust.” The Saint Gaudens coins because of the method of intricacy of the minting are more reminiscent of a medal and not a coin.

Perhaps what a buyer should consider is which coins would fit their portfolio. The higher quality rare coins contain prices that reflect the demand and availability. For coin investors new to purchasing gold, research will allow investors to select the appropriate investment quality and quantity of coins. No matter what coin is chosen, the gold double eagle coins continue to be an excellent investment.

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Why Are Double Eagle Gold Coins So Popular Among Collectors and Investors?

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The Double Eagle gold coin is very popular among collectors and investors for many reasons. Despite a shaky dollar and a bad economy, these reasons haven't changed much in years. Here are three reasons why Double Eagles are so popular.

They are beautiful coins to look at.
The Lady Liberty and St. Gaudens designs used on a Double Eagle gold coin are two of the most beautiful ever used on any of our U.S. coins. They show a grace that is subdued yet dignified. This beauty is often emphasized with the coin's large shape and heft. As a result, many collectors and investors enjoy collecting this coin just for its beauty.

2009 double eagle gold coins

There are many rare dates among these coins.
Many $20.00 gold coins are very rare even in well-circulated grades. This makes them very desirable to collectors and investors who understand the extreme rarity of the coins. For example, many $20.00 gold coins issued in the 1880's had mintages reported in the high hundreds to a few thousand pieces made. The rarity of these dates adds even more collector interest to these coins.

In addition, the high demand for gold makes these coins more popular than ever.
The war against the U.S. dollar further enhances the popularity of a Double Eagle gold coin. With gold at an all-time numerical high, gold coins such as the Double Eagle are becoming much more in demand. This is because gold coins are an easy, economical way to own gold. They are also extremely easy to sell. This liquidity makes them quite popular with investors who want to get in (and out) of the market quickly.

Finally, $20.00 gold coins are still one of the best numismatic values around.
Even though gold is at an all-time numerical high, twenty dollar gold coins are still one of the best numismatic values around. Most issues still sell for just a tiny fraction above their bullion value. This makes them one of the best overall values in the hobby. (To give you an idea of how good a value they are, many well-worn silver dollars often sell for twice their bullion value!)

Therefore, any collector or investor who would like to add value to his holdings ought to consider adding at least one double eagle gold coin to his holdings. Their beauty and value makes them worthwhile. And in this tough economy, that's a great thing.

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What’s the Value of 1904 Double Eagle Coin

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1904 Double Eagle Coin

The 1904 double eagle is an offering that is a considerably popular coin and impressively accessible on the gold market. The coin itself varies in terms of condition and the 1904 double eagle coin’s condition and appearance play a heavy roll in its value. A 1904 double eagle that is in mint condition might cost between 1200 dollars and 1700 dollars, depending upon the price of gold and the seller. If the 1904 double eagle coin is in circulated condition, you can anticipate that the coin will cost between 650 and 750 dollars, again depending upon the condition of the coin.

The 1904 double eagle coin varies in terms of its overall coloring and might appear as a gold-orange, a gold-yellow, or gold-green color; the coloring does not necessarily affect the coins value. A flawless 1904 double eagle coin might cost anywhere from 5000 to 6000 dollars, but these coins are extremely rare to find. If you are lucky enough to spot one and you have the money to invest in the 1904 double eagle, by all means do so. The coin, in perfect condition is a highly coveted and desirable coin to own.

When it comes time to invest your money in the 1904 double eagle, look for those dated 1904 or 1904-S; these are the most popular. Also look for coins with seriously striking designs and details. Examine the luster of the 1904 double eagle too to ensure that it is off full mint quality.

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Guide to Collecting Double Eagle Gold Coins

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When you are thinking about investing your money in double eagle gold coins, a coin guide can help you in understanding the different types of double eagle gold coins that are available to you. First, you will find that among the double eagle gold coins available on the market today are the double eagle gold coins that were minted during the years 1850 to 1907; these coins are called liberty head double eagle gold coins. You also have another type of double eagle gold coin to choose from; the St. Gaudens double eagle gold coins which were minted between 1907 and 1933. Finally, there are even newer coin replications available to you called ultra high relief double eagle gold coins that look very much like the St. Gaudens coins with a few modern variations.

Double Eagle Gold CoinsIn general, when you choose to buy one of many double eagle gold coins, the majority of the older coins have a diameter equivalent to 34 millimeters. The older liberty and St. Gauden coins have a little over 21 percent gold in their makeup and the remaining material in the coin is made of copper. The newer replications have 99 percent pure gold and are therefore 24 karat. You will find that the older double eagle gold coins have a weight equaling 516 grains; these coins are not to be confused with the newer coins that were crafted from the year 1986 and beyond.

Understanding the myriad differences between the older double eagle gold coins and the newer replicas containing similar artwork and presentation is important when you are investing in gold coins. First, you really want to know what you are getting when you invest your money in coins, and second, the value of the coin depends on a variety of factors including its gold content, its condition, its age, and its rarity. Some of the rare double eagle gold coins with the St. Gauden’s design include those marked with MCMVII or 1907–P, as well as those minted and dated with 1908–S, 1920–S, 1921–P, 1927–D, 1927–S, 1929–P , 1931–D, and 1932–P.

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What You Should Know Before Buying 1933 Gold Double Eagle

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188514330_eb53a9ecb81933 Gold Double EagleThe 1933 gold double eagle coin is a rarity indeed. While these coins were created during the year 1933, that same year president Roosevelt made a recall via the 6102 Executive Order that called for American citizens to cash in gold coins so that it could be used for gold bullion. The coin owner was offered face value for the gold coins in question during the confiscation, and coin owners had the option of holding onto their coins or turning them over to the government for cash value. The result of the Executive Order basically made it, at that time, illegal for one to own metal coinage. The 1933 gold double eagle coin was never officially released by the United States Mint for circulation purposes: there was only a single exception to this rule, and the coin sold for over seven million dollars in 2002.

Other 1933 gold double eagle coins were actually stolen the same year the coin stoppage went into effect. Many of the stolen 1933 gold double eagle coins have actually been recovered by the United States government, but there may be some stolen coins still out there on the market. It’s important that you know that dealing with the stolen coin, either buying or selling, is illegal, and that a stolen coin can be confiscated by the government.

1933 Gold Double Eagle1933 Gold Double Eagle
Nevertheless, even the illegal 1933 gold double eagle coins are worth a considerable amount of money. You will find that no coin dealer will offer you access to such a coin, and if you do discover this coin, it is most likely being offered by a private seller. If you opt to purchase such a coin, you might have it confiscated, or if you surrender it to the government you may not receive any type of compensation for your investment losses.

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What Makes Gold Double Eagle Coin a Better Investment Option?

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Gold Double Eagle Coin

A gold double eagle coin is a superlative investment option for a number of reasons. The first of the many reasons why coin investors can appreciate the coin is that it is aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, gold double eagles are a fine addition to every coin collection. Even when there is an error in the making of double eagles, these coins are coveted. If a coin investor is lucky to get their hands on a highly rare gold double eagle coin, he or she has an impressive investment that will continue to grow in value in the future.

The gold double eagle coin is easy to identify with its characteristics and well known attributes. The fact that the gold double eagle coin, whether in its Liberty coronet form or in the Saint Gaudens design is easily recognizable makes this coin quick to identify and easy to authenticate. Specific minting years, minting characteristics, and a rich history are associated with every gold double eagle coin selection.

Newer gold double eagles are impressive in terms of design too, and the St Gaudens artwork has been richly enhanced via digital advancements in coin creation. The details in the coins made from 1986 onward are remarkable, flawless, and only intensify the coin collector’s desire to own one of these highly valuable coins. Modern day gold double eagles are minted out of 99 percent pure gold with no metal alloy in the mix to diminish the value of the coin. This differs from the original coins which were minted with a copper alloy and 21.6 karat gold. Ultimately, design, value, and future profit make all gold double eagles a splendid coin investment.

With the price of gold remaining consistently high, the gold double eagle coins are even more appreciated by the collector as well as the investor looking for a solid investment. Rather than investing funds in volatile stock options, the investor can diversify his or her portfolio options with a few double eagle gold investments; these coins are easy to buy, trade, and to liquidate.

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Investing in Gold Double Eagle Coins

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Investing in double eagle coins is a definitely a wise investment decision; as of 2009, coin collectors have illustrated a serious desire for gold double eagle coins because of their impressive resiliency. Now, ultra high relief coins are accessible; these coins have a face value equivalent to twenty dollars, and the United States mint recently minted an additional 2,200+ that coin investors can invest in. This actually ups the total of available gold double eagle coins to more than 82,900+ coins.

When a coin collector invests in double eagle coins from the United States Mint, he or she gets the coins in a beautifully crafted box. The box one receives is made of the finest mahogany wood material, and the coin collector gets a full color brochure detailing the new piece that they will be adding to their existing coin collection. The coin collector will find that the interior of the box is fully line with a soft velvet to keep the coins protected during shipping and display, and a special platform inside the box makes for super easy coin presentation too. Every coin weighs in at a full troy ounce or just over 31 grams. The gold double eagle coins possess a diameter equivalent to 27 millimeters, and a thickness equivalent to four millimeters. When compared to other US Minted coin options, these coins can prove to be as much as fifty percent thicker.

Gold Double Eagle Coins
As a testament to the appeal of double eagle coins, one will find that the Mint from the United States has sold well over 816 thousand of the gold double eagle coins this year alone. The newest, ultra high relief gold double coins were just offered in January of 2009; these coins are offered with 24 karat gold and thus they prove intensely desirable to the coin collector.

These coins come crafted with an eagle on the reverse side of the coin, and a liberty design on the obverse side of the coin; the same designs found on the original Saint-Gauden’s double eagle coins crafted in the year 1907. These coins have been digitally replicated and enhanced to offer a finer design, more stars, and a superior edging to the coin as well. These coins are marked with MMIX: the Roman numerals indicating the present year and the minting date of the coins.

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Tips of Buying Double Eagles

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Double Eagles

When looking to buy double eagles in terms of gold coin offerings, there are several things you should look for. You will want to invest in double eagles that have specific markings on them that give an indication as to their true authenticity. Several characteristics can be identified in double eagles that you should be able to easily spot.

The Coronet Liberty head double eagles were crafted between the years 1849 and 1907. These coins were minted with a value of twenty dollars in every case, but some were not crafted with the motto “In God We Trust,” while other double eagles were crafted with the motto included. Look for double eagles with no motto on the coin with dates between 1849 and 1866. After 1866, if the coin is authentic, it will have the motto on the coin.

When looking at double eagles that have the traditional Saint Gaudens design, these coins should have dates that fall between 1907 and 1933, excluding the years 1917, 1918, and 1919 because no coins were made during those years. The 1907 double eagles with the Saint Gaudens design were minted without a motto on them, as well as coins in 1908; the 1907 double eagles were made with a high relief and the 1908 coins were made with a low relief. In 1907, the double eagles also had Roman numerals; a year later this changed to Arabic numbers. There are some coins dated 1908 that do include the motto as well as Arabic numbers and these double eagles are definitely genuine.

Bear in mind that while there are a few 1933 double eagles available, they are illegal to sell and illegal to own; this is because a stoppage was placed on the making of such coins, and shortly thereafter there was a theft of double eagles dated 1933. Impressively rare, these coins are high priced, but are sometimes unlawful to trade. You will need to be careful when getting a 1933 piece; some coin collectors might have gotten 1933 double eagles lawfully, but the supply is limited.

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History of St Gaudens Double Eagle

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The St Gaudens double eagle coin has a rich and fascinating history. This coin is sometimes called the double eagle coin and the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle offering is aptly named after its designer. St. Gaudens was an artist and sculptor responsible for the original design on the St Gaudens double eagle coins minted between 1907 and 1933. Newer coins have replicated his work and added some features to his first design too. Each coin has the marks of the original designer situated just beneath the minting date of the St Gaudens double eagle coin.

The double eagle coin offering was originally minted in three different locations. Those coins marked with a P after the date were created in the Philadelphia Mint; those coins that have a D after the date are minted in the Denver Mint, and the St Gaudens coins minted in the San Francisco Mint are marked with an S after the date of minting. All of the coins have an obverse work consisting of Lady Liberty as she holds up a torch signifying freedom as well as an olive branch; the backdrop of the coin reveals the capital of the United States of America. On every St Gaudens double eagle coin reverse side a gold eagle is presented that is soaring over the sun.
St Gaudens Double Eagle

Since Theodore Roosevelt started an effort to make coins more attractive, the sculptor St. Gaudens was hired to beautify the double eagle coin among other coin offerings. The artist managed to complete the St Gaudens double eagle coin as well as the Indian Eagle coin before his passing. During the original creation of the St Gaudens double eagle coin there were many mistakes made as minters perfected the coin making process. From 1917 to 1919 no St double eagle coins were made, and production of the coin ceased in 1933. Between 1907 and 1908, several St Gaudens double eagle coin offerings were made that without the “In God We Trust” motto; once it became law to have the motto on the coins, it was added.

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